#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 29 | Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 29 | Teamwork Makes The Dream Work from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Mr. Indirap…

ColorJar’s very own David Gardner talks about what it takes to become a good leader in a team environment.



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So you were an Ivy league player at Dartmouth, and you also played professionally in Germany for a few years. How do you feel that your athletic career has helped you to manage a team?
Well I think the first thing to being a good leader is figuring out how to be a good team mate. So I think the best teams are the ones where everyone has a clear understanding of their role and how all of those pieces fit together. You know we often see a team of all-stars that get put together who are all competing and stepping on each other’s toes because they don’t clearly understand their roles and how they add up.  SO I think the first thing to being a good leader is actually being a good team mate and helping other people understand that their small effort adds up to something great and some of all of those parts when the collected power comes together it should be something greater than you can do alone. So helping people realize how their small contribution adds up to a bigger people.  Keeping people focused on the long term goal and how the hard work they’re putting in day by day inches us all closer towards that i think is the first step to being a good leader..

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