#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 25 | Getting Comfortable On Camera

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 25 | Getting Comfortable On Camera from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Olivia Geyelin & Mr. Indirap…

Monika Rydz chats with photographer Alexander Goykhman about how to feel comfortable in front of any camera.



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So you’ve done a lot of photography, and you’ve done some video. So how do you get people to feel comfortable in front of the camera? How do you get people to relax and be themselves?

I usually give people a little speech before we start.  I tell them that confidence I really important. If they’re confident, it’ll show in pictures. With confidence, you’ll become more comfortable. and you have to put them in a position a situation where they actually are comfortable which includes not having people watch them, good music…you’ve got to cater to them, you’ve got to make them really comfortable. Then after that, after they’re really comfortable you can actually show them pictures. Its also important to know that, not worry about the bad pictures but to just keep going, keep moving and focus on the good pictures that come out of it. And you can shoot as many pictures as you want
You can always go back and take them. You don’t have to worry about, “oh that picture was bad.”
Back in the day you had to be like, “oh we better get some good pictures”.

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