#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 24 | The Most Powerful Tool Available

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 24 | The Most Powerful Tool Available from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Gunnar Curry & Mr. Indirap…

Chicago’s own Jen Knoedl talks to Monika Rydz about using the most powerful marketing tool available today…video.



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So Jen, how has video helped to grow your online community?
Well obviously video is the richest form of content.  So you have your text, you have your photo, and you have your video. With text you have so much time to structure that, put information where we want.  Photos, there are still a lot of ways that you can kind of project what you want with photos and maybe that’s not the clearest version of who you are. But with video there’s no place to hide. With video people get exactly who you are and then people feel like they can connect with you.  They feel like they know you, and thats really the strongest way I feel like I’ve grown my community. People feel like they know me before they’ve met me because, you know, I try to keep it authentic and really just be who I am and it just really gives people the space to be who they are.

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