#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 23 | Developing New Content

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 23 | Developing New Content from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Gunnar Curry & Mr. Indirap…

Chicago’s own Jen Knoedl talks to Monika Rydz about developing new content consistently.



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So how do you begin to develop content for your online community?
There’s a number of ways. Obviously you want to get kind of an editorial calendar going so you don’t want tomorrow to be Valentine’s Day and to be like, “Oh, I should make a Valentine’s Day video!”  By that time, it’s too late to make a video because video’s one of those things that kind of needs time to grow, so I would definitely say an editorial calendar, and then definitely there are some evergreen topics that people will always just want to know.  How to do things, how to make things, how to make things better, and definitely things I’m passionate about. Regardless if anyone else is interested in it, I think that when you make videos about what you’re passionate about, your enthusiasm comes through, your passion for it comes through, and you can actually make people interested in something that they wouldn’t even have thought they were interested in. You know, I just posted something about dental floss today and its like, you know its the best dental floss, and I think if it’s important to you, you can actually feel that energy and people can get obviously excited about that. And I guess the last thing would be to involve others in your video, because that is always how its going to have that share-ability factor.  The more people you’re putting in the video, the more they’re going to want to share it, the more community you can just create within a video, the better you’re going to be, for sure.

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