#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 20| Establishing Your Brand With Video

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 20| Establishing Your Brand With Video from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Intellectual Property attorney Daliah Saper on how she has used online video to position herself as an expert in the field of business and social media law.


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Facebook has the advantage of being the social network.
People want to sue Facebook, they want to sue the sites that social media…

When a client is looking up an internet issue they may hit on a major law firm, a big one, so there’s some credibility because you’re hiring a team of, you know, 500 lawyers. Most people don’t have those resources so they’re hesitant to call up a small boutique firm like mine because they’re not sure exactly what they’re going to get. With me, now that I have this arsenal of videos on my site, not only can they listen to me speak, understand the issues involved, but also they can really relate to me and say, “alright, I think they know what she’s talking about, I want to hire her as my attorney.”

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