Telling Your Brand’s Story With Video

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We’re not talking about fairytales here, we’re talking about personifying and humanizing your brand. Why? Because people work with people they like, and if people don’t know anything about your brand, how can you expect them to want to work with you? Video is the easiest way to build your brand’s story and become more likeable to potential customers. At INDIRAP, we believe this is possible for any brand in any industry. We’re here to settle the score and answer some common hesitations people have about their brand’s stories.

“What if my brand is too boring?”

No brand is too boring for video because of video. Why? Because “one of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that it’s highly visual and auditory, which means it’s easier for many users to remember than text-based content,” A Forbes article mentions. Video can showcase something considered to be boring in a non-boring way. Watch the video below where we prove that No Brand Is Too Boring For Video.

“What if my brand doesn’t have a story?”

Every brand has a story, it might just be a different type of story than you thought it would be. Stories are all around us and are a part of every single brand. Here are just a few ideas of the types of brand stories that can be told:

  • Your brand’s mission
  • The history of your brand
  • The legacy of your brand
  • The story behind the product(s) or service(s) you offer
  • Stories about how your clients benefit from the product or service you provide
  • Stories about the culture of your brand
  • The list goes on…

Check out this example of a brand story we produced for U.S. Waterproofing that tells the company’s history, highlights their accolades, describes the services they offer, and overall humanizes the brand. This video puts the faces of real people to the name of their brand and tells a comprehensive story.


“What if my brand doesn’t have a story?”

That’s an easy one. Over the past decade, we’ve been helping brands craft stories and share them through video. How do we do it? Working with as many clients as we have (some who were truly convinced they didn’t have a story to tell), we know the right questions to ask in order to unearth the story of your brand, and translate it into high-quality video content that is an incredibly valuable marketing asset. 

“Tell me again, why do I need to tell my brand’s story with video?”

According to Entrepreneur, “If you aren’t maximizing video in your own advertising or marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to propel your brand forward.”  You’re making viewers more familiar with who you are, and therefore, more likely to do business with your brand. By telling your brand’s story through video, you’re propelling your brand forward through humanizing your company and making it more relatable to consumers. We’ve seen it work for our own clients, and we know it can work for you, too. 

We’re ready to help you tell your brand story. All you have to do is ask. Click the button below to get started on telling your story today.

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