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I’m Nate Shulty, I work for Bartenders on the Go, I’m based out in Milwaukee. We are a catering service for Bar Tenders. We’re basically a bar tending catering service that caters to all forms of events, private parties, bachlorette parties, to weddings, are our main events.
Joy Vertz
My name is Joy Vertz, and I’m a photographer, I own a studio in Milwaukee and we’ve used Bartenders on the go for both corporate and private events. They’re extremely professional. The men that they bring to host the parties, are not only adorable, but they’re super professional, they keep everything neat and tidy, and they’re pleasant, and my guests just love them.
Gary Ozuna
My name is Gary Ozuna, I’m the owners of bartenders on the go. Bartenders on the go is a catering company that caters to mostly weddings, and fundraisers and large functions like that, but we also do smaller events as well We custom create menus with food using other caterers and we can plan the event from beginning to end, so we’re kind of a total package in this industry.
We’ve used them for both several parties we’ve had at our studio, you know, get togethers and things like that, customer appreciation events for my clients. It was great because they created themed drinks and had great little embellishment and garnishes that really pulled together the whole event. And we’ve also used them for private parties at my house. And they again brought that same flare to the parties that we’ve had at our house. THe experience with Bartenders On The Go has been amazing. Their attention to detail is outstanding, and I would never do a party without using them.
The areas we service is the Milwaukee area, Madison, they come down to Chicago to do events, and we’ve gone all the way to the twin cities and up to Door County Wisconsin. The best way to find us is through the website,, or by calling our line at 414-899-6151.

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