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May 2, 2017

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 235 | Makin’ Magic Happen

Aerial Acrobatics in Chicago’s Near West Loop…

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 234 | Tripped Out

Aerial acrobatics over Chicago’s Grant Park…

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 233 | Summertime Shootouts

A flurry of timelapses captured one gorgeous day on Michigan Avenue outside of the Burberry store…

April 11, 2017

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 232 | Spring Fever

Behind the scenes on Michigan Avenue aka the Magnificent Mile in the midst of a timelapse session…

April 4, 2017

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 230 | Penthouse Poker Chips

Behind The Scenes of the “Chips Obsessed” promo for a recent casino project.

March 17, 2017

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 229 | Mean Green Screen Team (Say That 10X Fast)

#NODAYSOFF Behind The Scenes At Space Stage Studios With Abigail Simon.

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 228 | The One Take, One Take Money Shot

#NODAYSOFF Behind The Scenes At Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino. We Shot This Choreographed Grand Entrance In One Take at 96fps. Epic.

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 227 | Views From Gotham City

#NODAYSOFF Behind The Scenes At Space Stage Studios With Abigail Simon.

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 226 | It’s Called Finesse

#NODAYSOFF Editing Session At The Batcave

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 225 | Behind The Scenes At MILA

#NODAYSOFF Behind The Scenes On Set At Chicago’s MILA Luxury Apartments.

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 224 | Rush

#NODAYSOFF A Moment In Time In Chicago’s Rush Street Viagra Triangle Area.

October 20, 2016

#NODAYSOFF Ep. 223 | The Jungle Book

Your Favorite Brands Video Production Crew!!

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