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Hi! My name is Alex Coyle with Smart Property USA, leader of Team Coyle. Welcome to 2701 Arbor Drive where you can be living the dream. Come on in!
So as you walk into the front door, you’re greeted by the first living room dining room setup. One of the fireplaces I’ve mentioned before is in this living room. It’s a lot of natural light and seamlessly transitions into the family room. In the family room you’ve got a lot of natural light, and a back patio, a screen in door that goes out to the pack patio, which once again has a beautiful views of the Fox River, and a lot of great foliage for those of you who are chopping through the fall season. From the patin you can go directly into the kitchen which features all Gen Air stainless steel appliances. A double oven, one oven, one conduction oven, a stove top mounted right onto the counter top, just fantastic. As well as a  Gen Air microwave, dishwasher side by side refrigerator. All the bells and whistles. Fantastic kitchen, every chefs dream. Behind the kitchen is every chefs second dream, a pantry.  Tons of storage space, lots of great hanging room back there, as well as can be used as a mud room leading into the garage. You’ll find a stackable washer and dryer back there, but its mounted and set up for a side by side washer and dryer, so you won’t have to do any conversion when bringing your own appliances.
Alright ladies and gentleman, here we are on the back deck. This is a full composited deck, which wraps around the back of the house some of the great things about this back deck are that it’s got speakers mounted into the deck which are played through the entire system throughout the house so when you turn the music on in the house you can hear it out here on the deck. Not only do we have that, we have wonderful foliage here in the fall, lots of sunshine, and one of the best features ever, right behind me is the Fox River. You can see the boats coming up and down the river. You can sit back here, barbecue, listen to some music, have a beer and watch the river. This is living the dream ladies and gentleman.
Once you go upstairs you will be heading into the great room which is a huge room right above the living room. A gigantic space, the family that lives here now uses it for Christmas’, and you can easily add a second or third bedroom upstairs in this great room space. Once again, it gets tons of natural light, lots of windows up there makes it a pleasant place to be. They’ve got an office set up in one of the bedrooms right now. All of the bedrooms feature gigantic bedroom spaces, something really special and unique about this home.
The second bedroom, also lovely has got a huge closet space, there are ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms, and all of the rooms which makes it  toasty in the winter and  nice and cozy and comfortable in the summer.  In the master bedroom there;s another one of the three fireplaces. There’s also a dual ceiling fan that stats. You’ll find mounted TVs in all of the bedrooms and living rooms that will be staying and included in the price of the sale. The master bedroom also has its own double vanity bathroom with a soaking tub brought in specially for the current owners., very nice. As well as a place to do your business in a changing room with a giant walk in closet.
The crem de la crem, the best part about this house is when you come downstairs and you enter into the cocktail lounge. The cocktail lounge is a separate room from the theater, which we’ll get to in a second. It’s a separate room with it’s huge very own walk in closet, and window, so it can slo be converted into a bedroom. So whats now a 3 bedroom with 3.5 bath can easily be converted into a 5-6 bedroom, 2.5 bath with just a modicum of effort.
The downstairs basement cocktail lounge has an over sunk basement so its 8 feet 6 inches down here. There’s tons of space down here, not to mention, once you get done with your cocktails you’re into the theater. This theater is out of control! The theater features an 18 foot diagonal long fully extendable movie screen. It also has eight movie quality custom built sofas not only with room for your drinks, drink holders,  but the recline so you can put your feet up. It’s stacked with stadium seating, and they have floor lights mounted, mounted into each of the steps just like a real theater experience. There’s a fantastic movie room in back that offers a sony six disk blue ray TV player. There is a Sharp DLP TV projector that goes up onto the screen that not only projects movies but also does real time HDTV. Theres this beautiful paranto system where you can control the lights, the sound, the quality of the TV as well as not leave the comfort of your own seat.  It’s an amazing, amazing theater room valued over $30,000 thats all yours just on the asking price, no additional costs. So not only do you get a beautiful fully stacked fully loaded upgrade, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, you get a full $30,000 movie theater, three fire places, two beautiful decks, two car garage, a view of the river, and what I like to call, happiness!

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