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We’re not going to tell you that video animation is easy, cuz it’s not. But there’s a reason animated video has become such a popular marketing resource in recent years. In fact, there are a ton of reasons. 

So keep reading if you wanna know what makes animated video so powerful, including some insights directly from master Video Editor Chris Jon Conti, based on his own experiences. 


Animation is Easier to Process

In his book “Brain Rules” John Medina expresses the importance of vision. Stating that vision takes up half of our brain’s resources. Obviously, something that important has to be taken into account when creating content for your business. Sure, you can make the argument that text falls into that “visual” category. However, it’s proven that people can process images 60,000x faster than written words. 

Do You Like Total Creative Freedom?

With animation, your creativity is not tethered to the props you can find, what location you can book, or any Earthly restrictions. There are no limits! Animals can talk, words can appear out of nowhere, your “set” can take place in space —whatever you want! The results tend to make animated videos objectively more fun to watch, which increases their value tremendously. 

Keep ‘em Entertained

An entertained audience will invest more of their time watching your videos. Which is honestly a rarity nowadays. As they watch, they take in more information about your business while simultaneously forming a positive emotional connection with your brand. So, by adding fun and eye-catching elements, you have a better chance at grabbing and holding onto your audience’s interest.  

Get Those Conversions

It’s been studied that businesses can increase conversions by 80% or more if they have a video on their landing page. According to Springer, people following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations. 

An animated video can catch your audience’s attention from the get-go and keep them engaged throughout. This increases your chances to push potential customers forward in the buying process as their interest and trust in your business grow.


People are much more likely to share information when it’s presented in the form of an infographic or a visually pleasing and easy-to-understand way. According to Content Marketing Institute, Infographics have had the most significant increase in usage among B2B marketers in the last four years — now at 67%! 

On top of that, animated video is a great tool to add to your website to increase your SEO! Making your site much more likely to appear within the first page of Google searches. 

Speedy Edits

Did you hire a professional to create an animated video for your business and realize there’s a minor error? No problem. There’s no need to reshoot or go back on location to fix the issue. Resolve it quickly and digitally until you’re happy with the final version.   


With animated video, there are no actors to hire, no location to scope out or rent, no props or wardrobe to plan & typically no footage to shoot. That’s not to say they are easy to create. But without a doubt, animated videos tend to get your message across in an engaging way for a lower cost. Which means a remarkable ROI  


At INDIRAP, we’ve noticed an explosion in the number of animation projects coming our way. Brands are realizing the potential of animation, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading for insights straight from the source.  

Editor Insights

We reached out to seasoned Video Editor, Chris Jon Conti, to offer up some insider insights as to why animated video has taken off so fast and what he’s noticed on a day to day basis 👇🏽👇🏽 

Q: Have you noticed an increase in animated projects recently? Why do you think that is?

A: I’ve definitely seen a sharp increase in animated projects over the last year. On one hand, people have been less available to film in person – for obvious reasons – but I also think a lot of our clients are seeing the benefits of animation. Animated branded content is evolving, and people are realizing more and more that it can connect them to their audience, teach and guide users and customers, and help improve sales.

Q: In your personal opinion, what is the value of animated video?

A: Animated videos have tons of value. They can explain and simplify complex ideas, promote products, events, and services, tell the narrative of the consumer journey, or show off the interface of apps and websites. Animations can connect with audiences in unique ways to explain, educate, and engage. Plus, you aren’t limited by what’s tangible. The possibilities are endless.

Q: Is creating animated videos more or less time-consuming/challenging? Why?

A: Animation is typically more time-consuming for post-production since we’re creating the shots/scenes as opposed to capturing them. The production and Post-Production phases are essentially combined into one super phase. For the client, it’s usually less time-consuming because they don’t need to ever be on set, prep for an interview, or get us access to any locations to film. Depending on the style of animation, I could spend anywhere from 2 days to 4 months on an animated video. Each project is different, but every challenge is worth it. 

Wanna see some examples?? We’ve Got Ya Covered.

There ya have it!

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