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Shot & Chopped by Indirap…   American Family Agent and Top Producer Doranita Tyler passionately pursues preserving the American dream for all of her clients.   Find out more @   Follow The Movement @   #cinematiceverything

I’m Doranita Tyler an insurance agent with American Family, but more importantly I’d like to consider myself a trusted adviser. I protect the American Dream. The American Dream can mean many things to many people, so it may just getting that first car, or maybe buying the first home, or getting the courage to step out and start that business that you’ve always dreamed of. So what I do is I listen, I listen to understand what is important, and what those dreams are, and we make sure that that is properly covered. People have dreams out there, they have things that are important to them, and insurance is a way, it’s a vehicle, it’s a product that’s available to help put those things together. When something goes wrong, it could be a pretty traumatic experience. But to be able to step in and say hey, I got this, really means a lot.

You know, I can recall a time, very good clients of mine, Mr. and Mrs. Russel, I got a phone call from their son, he was panicked, he had just discovered that his home had caught on fire and he didn’t know what to do.

Mr.& Mrs. Russel-

We were told the house was on fire, and there was no way we could get home to do anything, so we had to rely on our agent, Doranita Tyler, with American Familly Insurance, to help our sons get everything done. We had nowhere to live, we didn’t know where we were going to live at, and by the time we got back, she had our sister with there housing us, and we were able to be housed for almost four months.

Dora Tyler- TO be able to step in and help them all along the way really meant a lot, it really helped us to prove what it is that we do because unfortunately the only way to show what we do is during the time of loss, whether it’s the disaster of the fire, the loss of a car, or the loss of a life. Those are the times when we really can step up and show and prove the value that we add to the families that we take care of.

Mr. and Mrs. Russel-

She chipped in completely, refurbished our house, purchased some new furniture for the damaged furniture and cleaned the clothes and stuff that could be cleaned, and purchased new clothes and this was all done through with the help of our agent, Doranita Tyler, with American Family Insurance.

Doranita Tyler-

One of the biggest benefits for people coming to us is that they have an agency, they have a team, and it’s not just an individual. They have a team that’s very focused on our clients.  We put our clients first. We care about what matters most to them, it’s important to us, they’re not just a member. Our clients have someone available for them 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. I think that’s huge when they know that if something goes wrong there’s someone that’s there, and able and ready, and having that type of reputation standing behind us is what makes us, gives us the ability to do what we want to do.

Hey you can reach us easily, 708-474-2055, or Facebook.com4/  We look forward to working with you and protecting those dreams.

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