Adam Stevenson Talks Indirap | Beating Deadlines

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ADROC Founder Adam Stevenson talks about his experiences working alongside Indirap Productions.

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I’m Adam Stevenson from ADROC Productions, here in Chicago Illinois.  We’re a consumer activation firm in the United States, and handle products of all sizes, specifically consumer good companies that are centered on exposing their brand to increase their sales.

The one thing that happened when I was working with Julian is that I had called him up and on my end of it,  had forgotten to call him, you know, earlier in the week and I said, “hey look I’ve got a project, we have a few days to one, get it all the information captured”.

I thought, I’ll  take some video content that he had already produced for me, and then turn around and get it done within a seven day period.  However, he got all the files four days before it, and two days before the delivery date he got pretty much a rough cut done which is unheard of in this industry.  It takes a long time to do this type of work, specifically the type of work I had tasked him with. So, the day before the actual delivery date, we had a file version of it, the client approved it, and the next morning they presented it to their corporate partnership.


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