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Our mission: create compelling content that moves the needle for our clients.

We’re changing the game of commercial and corporate branded video by creating content that provides real value for our clients. Our motto? Engage, Educate and Entertain. We believe in the power of visual storytelling, no matter what business you’re in. This is branded video content unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

What Indirap does

We work with brands to conceptualize and produce video content that most effectively sells their products and services. This includes initial creative/collaboration with brands, scripting, storyboarding, on site production, post-production, motion graphics and VFX. Our expertise includes commercials, interviews, brand overviews, real estate content, product promotion, 360 & VR content, event coverage, training, livestreaming, aerial cinematography and beyond.

Why partner with Indirap

No matter what the ask, our team will jump right to it. We strive to understand your business challenges and goals so we can adequately address your needs. From start to finish, the Indirap team works 24/7 so we can deliver an outstanding video on-time and on-budget.

Where to find Indirap

Wherever you are. Indirap is a brand without boundaries, servicing clients around the globe.
Chicago Videography Team - Indirap

We Are Indirap

Julian Tillotson

Founder & Executive Producer

Julian Tillotson is the driving force behind the Indirap brand.  With over a decade of creative development, production, editorial and entrepreneurial experience, Julian set out to re-define the meaning of corporate video content in 2010. With a thorough understanding of brand identities, sales processes, digital marketing strategies and camera technologies, he prides himself on presenting your brand to the world in its absolute best light possible.  Julian has collaborated with a wide range of brands including Motorola, General Growth Properties, Virgin Brands, Sotheby’s International, Acura, Bass Pro Shops, Techstars, Kimpton Hotel Group, Salesforce, Onni Group, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, CRESCOlabs, Jack Daniels, IP Global, Dell, Fifield Companies and Seneca Gaming Corporation to name a few.  Today he continues to push the content envelope for the Indirap portfolio of clients.

Peter House

Senior Producer

House is definitely a ninja when it comes to making the magic happen.  He’s produced for the best in business from coast to coast and is one of the most dedicated production professionals you’ll ever meet.  With a background in traditional photography and music engineering, he brings an extra dimension of visual and acoustic mastery to every project he spearheads.  Peter delivers a fine blend of professionalism and casualness in all stages of production, both on and off set.

Lydia Smyth

Creative Director

Lydia Smyth is a recent graduate of Indiana University, where she studied design, visual arts, writing and film. Her unique creative input on projects stems from her varied background in the arts, while her marketing and commercial experience allows her to consider how to practically gear any project to best achieve the client’s goals. She takes each project from an initial concept to a fully developed, production ready plan. By providing visual representation of what the client can expect through storyboards and moodboards, and presenting preproduction details in an accessible format, Lydia allows the client to give input throughout and stay updated on the project’s progress. Her focus is ensuring that the client’s ideas are taken to the next level and given the cinematic, Indirap quality, while staying true to the brand and goals of the project.

Zack Bakewell

Cinematographer & Editor

Zack Bakewell is a hard worker willing to take on any role that is needed of him.   Growing up around skateboarding, art, and music really changed the way he looks at the world and he likes to bring that into his work. Whether it be cinematography, editing, or production support, he brings his best to the table.  Zack received a Bachelor’s degree in the film program at Columbia College in 2012 and has been been making his way in the industry since.   His work has ranged from high profile shoots with companies like Gatorade and Lexus to shooting music videos and commercials for up and coming companies.  He always displays professionalism and a keen attention to detail on whatever project comes his way.   Always changing and looking for ways to improve his work, he aims to be an irreplaceable asset to the team.  

Chris Jon Conti


Chris Jon Conti is a One-Stop Post-Production Shop. From editing to animation to creating soundscapes and designing graphics, he spends his days using software to create art and tell stories. Every video is a puzzle begging to be solved. With a decade of experience working in the Film and TV industry, Chris has put the pieces together more times than he can count, and he’s always looking for new ways to grow and new challenges to tackle.

He excels at thinking outside the box, looking at obstacles from different angles, and finding ways to elevate a project to make a final product that stands out in the best of ways. He’s using all the skills he’s developed, and tricks of the trade he’s picked up over the years, to help grow the INDIRAP brand and take clients’ videos to the next level. In return, Chris gets to feed his obsession with every kind of puzzle imaginable.

Also, he enjoys watching movies, taking long walks on the beach, and being cheeky with clichés.

Deepu Thomas

Director of Marketing

Deepu Thomas is well-versed in the digital marketing and advertising space and he hopes to use that knowledge to take INDIRAP to a new level. His background includes working with growing startups and small to mid-sized businesses, which has helped him to understand what exactly their pain points are and create actionable marketing strategies that meet and exceed expectations. From creating successful social media accounts and email marketing campaigns to paid advertising, designing websites, increasing SEO and providing valuable data and analytics, Deepu has mastered the marketing landscape and continues to innovate and bring new ideas to the table.

Sarah Spiro

Branding & Content Manager

Sarah Spiro is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she studied Journalism and Public Relations. Growing up in the digital age, Sarah knows a thing or two when it comes to social media, and with experience managing and growing Instagram accounts for popular Chicago restaurants, she’s ready to develop a solid marketing plan for the team at INDIRAP. Sarah also has experience crafting shareable, SEO-driven content on websites like BuzzFeed and Spoon University. Sarah is always on the search for new trends, and her belief that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new and contribute something good to the world drives her ambition to help out wherever she may be needed.

Sarah’s interests include watching documentaries, finding the coolest new restaurants, eating pizza, reading, watching the Chicago Cubs and working out.

Jon Burke

VP of Brand Management

Jon has been working in business development for the past 6 years since graduating from DePaul University with a degree in marketing and Chinese.

He is a naturally born creative and spends his free time as a musician and audio engineer, working with a multitude of artists throughout Chicago. His passion for people and creative problem solving are what led him to INDIRAP. He straddles both brain hemispheres and is an asset to our team by helping our clients bring their video dreams to fruition–allowing their brand to live and breathe more aesthetically in the world.

Christian Heinzel


With a particular eye for aesthetics, Christian jumps at any opportunity to exercise his creativity. Growing up in Elmhurst, Illinois, Christian spent his time going camping, riding his bike, and filming local bands and artists. As a recent graduate from DePaul University with a degree in Film Production, Christian is eager to dive head first into the world of video production where he specializes in editing. While at DePaul, Christian found a passion for photography—capturing his friends and the world around him. This led Christian to gradually compile a portfolio as he began freelance photo work around Chicago. Though Christian has been capturing things on film and digital since he was a kid, he found his passion for music and photography aligned in recent years when he began to shoot concerts for music publications such as Brooklyn Vegan, Transverso media, and ANCHR Magazine. Some of his favorite shoots include The National, Girl talk, and, of course, LCD Soundsystem. As he is able to merge his passions of camera work and editing, Christian could simply not be more excited to a part of Indirap and all that comes with it.

Paul Hadish


Paul is from Ames, IA, where he graduated from Iowa State University in 2018. Fast forward to now, he has traveled around the country creating a wide range of content for leading brands. With a background in design and film, Paul has the eye for delivering high quality polished content that is both captivating and visually appealing. He displays his professionalism and skill in every stage of the production process and always delivers at a high level.

Matt Perius

BTS Videographer

It's Like Working With A Hollywood Production Studio
- Jon Cordell, NKF

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