INDIRAP is Chicago’s highest-rated, full-service video production and content marketing agency. For over a decade, our team has been delivering performance-driven digital content for our wide range of clientele from coast to coast, in every industry imaginable.

Nobody does it better

Our simplified 5-step process gives you strategy-driven creative along with seamless production - lightning-fast - so you can scale your business’s digital content library quickly and efficiently. From sales and marketing to training and recruitment, we believe that your brand deserves nothing less than professional, engaging content that elevates the way you work - from sales and marketing to training and recruitment. When it comes to creating video content libraries that will accelerate your brand’s growth and effectively scale your business goals and initiatives, nobody does it better than INDIRAP.


Deliver unforgettable, revenue-hungry video content
that moves the needle for our clients

We’re changing the way that you do business by creating revenue-hungry video content libraries that supercharge your sales funnels, amplify engagement with your audience, build trust and transparency with your customers, increase information retention and drive the buying decision forward around the clock. Having video content isn’t an option anymore. It’s the way that the future of business & communication will be done.

Simple 5-Step

Streamlined is an understatement. This is the most convenient, hyper-effective production process you’ve ever experienced.

Creative Marketing Meets
Distribution Strategy

Pretty pictures won’t cut it. Our dedicated creative team will create visually irresistible, targeted, story-driven content that delivers quantifiable ROI for your brand.

Lightning Fast

We bring the heat to your doorstep in 7-10 days or less.

Video Content

Jaw dropping, eyeball hungry content that drives revenue for your business. That’s the whole point right?

Industry Experience

We’ve created the Blueprint for Branded Video Content just for you. It’s literally the secret to how we have used content to scale some of the most influential and unforgettable brands in the world.


You will be thoroughly thrilled and ecstatic with your entire INDIRAP experience… and your content will be awesome, period. That’s my word - Julian Tillotson, Founder & CEO, INDIRAP.

Working with Julian and the team at INDIRAP exceeded my expectations. They were professional, enthusiastic and very encouraging when I stepped outside my comfort zone during the filming process. I highly recommend selecting them for your next promotional video!

Billie Diamond
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Indirap Production Process

5 simple steps to bring your brand vision to life

Initial Creative Session

Step 1

It’s time for some action! Let’s get the cameras rolling.
We capture all video content and sound elements that are essential to making your brand, product or service stand out.

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Pre-Production Meeting

Step 2

It’s time for some action! Let’s get the cameras rolling.
We capture all video content and sound elements that are essential to making your brand, product or service stand out.

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Step 3

It’s time for some action! Let’s get the cameras rolling.
We capture all video content and sound elements that are essential to making your brand, product or service stand out.

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Post Production

Step 4

It’s time for some action! Let’s get the cameras rolling.
We capture all video content and sound elements that are essential to making your brand, product or service stand out.

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Delivery & Integration

Step 5

It’s time for some action! Let’s get the cameras rolling.
We capture all video content and sound elements that are essential to making your brand, product or service stand out.

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Team of professionals

Our team is always here to help you

Founder & Executive Producer

Julian Tillotson

Julian Tillotson is the driving force behind the INDIRAP brand.  With over a decade of creative development, video production, editorial and entrepreneurial experience, he has redefined the look, vibe and feel of what modern day business and real estate content marketing is.  He’s launched brand campaigns for some of the biggest brands, in every industry you can think of.   With a thorough understanding of brand identities, digital marketing, sales strategies, media buying and ad campaign creation, Julian prides himself on creating content that not only looks good, but actually drives your sales & marketing goals across the finish line. 

In his spare time Julian enjoys listening to rap and techno/house music, traveling the globe, cycling/hiking, building businesses and pushing his mind and body to the limit.

Senior Producer

Peter House

House is definitely a ninja when it comes to making the magic happen.  He’s produced for the best in business from coast to coast and is one of the most dedicated production professionals you’ll ever meet.  With a background in traditional photography and music engineering, he brings an extra dimension of visual and acoustic mastery to every project he spearheads.  Peter delivers a fine blend of professionalism and casualness in all stages of production, both on and off set.

Creative Director

Lydia Smyth

Lydia Smyth joined INDIRAP in 2016, forming the Creative Director role, and adding an element in the process that creates a seamless path from first meeting to final delivery.  She’s a creative powerhouse, with the ability to turn a brand’s goals and messaging into impactful narratives, cinematic concepts, and production ready plans. She handles all aspects of project development from scripting to logistics, with an attention to detail and knowledge of branding, video and social media strategy that ensures each project is executed at the highest level. She guides each client through the experience and translates the project vision in an accessible way, making even newcomers to video and social media content feel prepared and enthusiastic.

Cinematographer & Editor

Zack Bakewell

Zack Bakewell is a hard worker willing to take on any role that is needed of him.   Growing up around skateboarding, art, and music really changed the way he looks at the world and he likes to bring that into his work. Whether it be cinematography, editing, or production support, he brings his best to the table.  Zack received a Bachelor’s degree in the film program at Columbia College in 2012 and has been been making his way in the industry since.   His work has ranged from high profile shoots with companies like Gatorade and Lexus to shooting music videos and commercials for up and coming companies.  He always displays professionalism and a keen attention to detail on whatever project comes his way.   Always changing and looking for ways to improve his work, he aims to be an irreplaceable asset to the team.  


Chris Jon Conti

Chris Jon Conti is a Post-Production master. With over a decade of experience, he’s honed the skill of bringing a story to life and using top tier techniques to market brands. From editing to VFX to custom motion graphics and animation, Chris has a myriad of tricks up his sleeve to take content to the next level. He’s constantly updating and upgrading his repertoire to stay on the cutting edge of design. Chris doesn’t just put clips together in a sequence. He pushes boundaries and opens doors to unseen avenues – at times even breaking the laws of physics – to create content that surpasses limits. In his spare time, Chris enjoys working on projects that put the spotlight on social issues, uplifting and celebrating Black lives.

Director of Marketing

Deepu Thomas

Deepu Thomas is well-versed in the digital marketing and advertising space and he hopes to use that knowledge to take INDIRAP to a new level. His background includes working with growing startups and small to mid-sized businesses, which has helped him to understand what exactly their pain points are and create actionable marketing strategies that meet and exceed expectations. From creating successful social media accounts and email marketing campaigns to paid advertising, designing websites, increasing SEO and providing valuable data and analytics, Deepu has mastered the marketing landscape and continues to innovate and bring new ideas to the table.

Assistant Creative Director

Caroline Elsey

Caroline Elsey is a University of Missouri graduate who majored in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and Marketing, while also studying Film Production with a focus on pre-production.  Caroline began her journey with INDIRAP as an intern in the Summer of 2018 and loved it so much that three years later, in Summer 2020, she officially joined the team as Assistant Creative Director. Her bright and bubbly personality partners perfectly with her creativity and organizational skills to develop lasting professional relationships with each client while delivering top-notch, engaging content. Caroline’s goal is to have every client walking away with a smile, beyond satisfied with their final product, and coming back for more in the future!


Chris Costoso

Bio coming soon.


Paul Hadish

Paul is from Ames, IA, where he graduated from Iowa State University in 2018. Fast forward to now, he has traveled around the country creating a wide range of content for leading brands. With a background in design and film, Paul has the eye for delivering high quality polished content that is both captivating and visually appealing. He displays his professionalism and skill in every stage of the production process and always delivers at a high level.

VP of Sales

CJ O'Brien

“If you believe you receive” CJ was raised by a single mother with the belief if you want it, you have to go get it.

CJ is an advertising, marketing and sales industry veteran with over six years of experience working with small to Fortune 500 companies. He thoroughly understands story selling and always finds creative ways for businesses to connect with consumers through multiple touch points. He is a natural at helping brands develop quality content that tells their story and peaks engagement with their consumers. CJ is especially skilled at working with sales and marketing teams to refine their process and use video/interactive content to build better relationships and increase sales.


Kerry Gudjonis

After graduating from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Advertising, Kerry got her start working in the local non-profit sector while simultaneously working her way up from a bartender to the marketing coordinator for a small music venue and restaurant. Since joining us in November of 2019, Kerry has developed both long and short digital content and copy for INDIRAP and our wide range of clients. A lover of learning, she has become a master of crafting impactful copy for just about any industry. Seriously. Any industry. Her favorite part of the job is the endless opportunities to immerse herself in new brands and tell their story just as they want it to be told.

Her current passions: Mental health advocacy, stiff drinks, The Office, and extra pickles on burgers.

VP of Business Development

Zak Ballard

A Purdue University graduate in business & entrepreneurship, Zak has been partnering with small to giant businesses for over a decade. With experience and expertise across several industries, Zak understands how to help businesses grow, and develop their brand, no matter what stage they’re at.

Zak is a natural communicator and loves to solve problems with unique strategies that work. In his personal life, Zak loves to build tiny homes, travel and try anything and everything interesting or strange he can find

We used INDIRAP for our annual investor meeting video and they did an incredible job putting together an extremely professional and well edited video! We were working under very tight deadlines and INDIRAP was able to get it finished on time without any issues. The team was very responsible and hands on throughout the entire process and we would definitely recommend this company!

Mary Kate Clifford
Oak Street Real Estate Capital

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