8 Benefits of Animated Video for Business

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At INDIRAP we talk a lot about video in general and the power it has when it comes to boosting sales and telling your brand’s story. In this article, however, we’ll be breaking down animated videos specifically (Like the ones shown below) and all the ways your business can benefit from them.

INDIRAP’s List of 8 Benefits of Animated Video for Business:  

1. They’re Easier For an Audience to Process

In his book “Brain Rules”, John Medina expresses the importance of vision. Stating that vision takes up half of our brain’s resources. Without question, something that important has to be taken into account when creating content for your business. While you can make the argument that text falls into that “visual” category, it’s proven that people are able to process images 60,000x faster than written words. On top of that, people are more likely to share information when it’s presented in the form of an infographic or a visually pleasing and easy to understand way. 

2. You Have Total Creative Control

There are no limits! This means your creativity is not limited to what props you can find or what location you can shoot at or any Earthly restrictions. Animals can talk, words can appear out of nowhere, and your “set” can take place in space if you want. This results in animated videos typically being…

3. Animation is More Entertaining 

An entertained audience will extend the amount of time they spend watching your videos. Therefore they take in more information about your business while also forming a positive emotional connection with your brand. So, by adding fun and eye-catching elements, you have a better chance at grabbing and holding onto your audience’s interest.  

4. Get Those Conversions 

It’s been studied that businesses can increase conversions by 80% or more if they have a video on their landing page. And even further, the use of video increases revenue 49% faster than non-video sales methods. But you don’t just want any video. An animated video has the ability to catch a viewer’s attention from the get-go and keep them interested to the end. This increases your chances to push them forward in the buying process as their interest and trust in your business grows. 

5. Edits Are Quick

Did you hire a professional to create an animated video for your business and realize there’s a minor error? No problem. There’s no need to reshoot or go back on location to fix the issue. Resolve it quickly and digitally until you’re happy with the final version. 

6. They’ll Boost Your Exposure 

We’ve said it before, but your company website needs video! Video boosts your site’s SEO ranking, which makes it more likely to be discovered by unique visitors. In fact, a business is 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google results if it utilizes video on their webpage. You will get the right people on your page by incorporating video. But once they’re there you might as well make it as easy as possible for them to understand who you are and what you’re all about. Animated videos are the best way to achieve that. 

7. They’ll Save You $$ 

There’s no actors to hire, no location to scope out or rent, no props or wardrobe to plan & typically no footage to shoot. That’s not to say they are easy to create. But without a doubt, animated videos tend to get your message across in an engaging way for a lower cost. By decreasing the budget and increasing traffic/conversions/sales, animated marketing videos are sure to generate a remarkable ROI. 

8. Animated Videos Are Becoming The Norm 

It’s no secret that videos have become an essential business marketing tool. However, what will set you apart from the crowd is having professional quality, highly engaging videos. And from what we’ve seen, animation can work wonders no matter what industry you’re in. Don’t allow your business to fall behind.


Not sure how to create animated marketing videos? We’d love to help! Reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 

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