7 Steps To A Kickass Unforgettable Website

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Building and managing a killer website doesn’t need to be complicated. Honestly. Over the years, we’ve perfected our web design strategies into a results-driven science, and now we’re gonna share our findings with you. In this article, we’re giving you our favorite sales-driven website hacks that are easy to apply and pack a powerful punch. You can thank us later.


Do you realize that upwards of 54% of your audience are viewing your site on their mobile device? And that number is only increasing. This means if your site isn’t designed to look and operate successfully on mobile devices and tablets, you’re missing out on over half of your audience retention. So you can kiss those sales goodbye. 

Whichever platform you use to host your site should allow you to toggle back and forth between desktop and mobile view. Make sure you utilize that feature to ensure you’re not scaring away your visitors. 

Simplify Your Flow

Think of some of the most famous brands out there. Apple, Google, Amazon. They host billions of visitors on their sites every day, and what do they all have in common? Their simplicity. 

Online audiences have short attention spans, so the less chaotic your website is, the more likely you are to quickly grab hold of their attention and guide them through your funnel. This means using plenty of white space, as few words as possible, and a heavy focus on imagery and video. 

Be direct and get straight to the point. No need to be cutesy. Open with a catchy header and provide your call(s) to action shortly after. If you allow your visitors to get lost in your bells and whistles, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. 

Regularly Refresh Your Site's Media

This is solid advice for several reasons. The first being purely aesthetic and entertainment-based. Chances are, your business/brand is constantly shifting and evolving. Product launches, new team members, updated systems and processes, etc. 

As a result, your site needs to visually reflect these changes. No question. Dated content comes across as lazy and stagnant. Two things you never want your business to be. We recommend a regular schedule of photoshoots to obtain high-quality images that keep your site fresh and up to date. 

Secondly, regularly adding new media onto your site significantly boosts your Search Engine rankings as it shows your site is being regularly updated with engaging content. This means more eyeballs on your page, aka more sales. 

Check Your Links

And then check them again. Seriously. Disabled or faulty links are the SEO equivalent of finding mold in a house. It gives off a dated and careless impression and can really wreak havoc on your site’s SEO ranking. So yeah, it can be a bit of a pain to go through and double-check all your links, but it could really make a huge difference.

Make Sure it's Search Engine Friendly

We could honestly dedicate an entire article to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but we’ll stick to the basics for now. Essentially, the goal is to optimize your website to ensure it organically shows up on the first page of search engine results. For a very basic example, let’s say you sell women’s shoes. The idea is that someone searching for “women’s shoes” on Google will stumble across your site. There are many ways to do this, including: 

Understanding and successfully applying SEO tactics into your website is practically a full-time job itself. So we highly recommend doing some research or even hiring a team of professionals (like INDIRAP) to help you out. It’s a constantly evolving practice, but that prime search engine real estate is absolutely worth it. 

Include Testimonials

There’s so much psychology that goes into developing a business’s website. And one concept that packs a powerful punch is social proof. Reviews play a significant role in determining whether someone feels comfortable working with you, so the more you can show them you can be trusted, the better. 

Offering a written or video testimonial section can give cautious consumers the ease of mind they crave. Providing just a slight nudge through to the end of your sales funnel.

Don't Forget About CTA's

The worst thing you can do to your site is to make it difficult for your visitors to convert. What good is a call to action if it’s being hidden from your audience?? The best practice is to add various easy-to-locate CTA’s in multiple locations throughout your website. 

Make ’em bold and direct and be sure wherever they link to is a simple landing page that provides exactly what it promises. Again, the key is simplicity and directness. Don’t surprise your customers or drag out the conversion process. 

There ya have it! That’s not so bad, huh? Most of these hacks are straightforward enough to quickly check off your to-do list yourself. But of course, if you want some more guidance or a helping hand, we’ve got ya covered! 

We’re continually evolving over here at INDIRAP. Whether it’s the content we’re putting out, the brands we look to for inspiration, or the equipment we use. We’re never satisfied standing still. 

So if you’re looking for a company to help you grow and keep challenging you, you’ve come to the right place. 

                                                            Let’s keep moving forward.  

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