40+ Videos a Month with Scott Starbuck

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Scott Starbuck, founder of City Soles in Wicker Park talks about consistently pumping out 40+ videos a month with Indirap Productions.

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Hey guys, I’m Scott Starbuck, founder of City Soles, and Citysoles.com. For the past several months I’ve worked with Indirap Productions, and Julian to film our web series called, City Soles T.V. , search it on our blog and on Youtube.

Julian does all of the editing, all of the videography for us, and is our videographer. We shoot every week, every Tuesday. He’s always here timely, professional, it’s amazing production quality, and the editing is phenomenal. Somehow he makes me look good, so it works out great!

We shoot forty videos a month, that he edits, so there’s a mass amount of content coming through. Everything’s timely, professional, and clean, as long as I don’t stutter my words, he does his end perfectly, so, highly recommended! One of our biggest assets is, Julian from Indirap Productions.

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