10 Types of Videos Your Business Needs to Succeed

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Videos are not just a passing trend that will die out. They are here to stay. No matter what industry you’re in or the type of business you have, implementing video into your business model will benefit you in the long run. Unsure about what kind of videos will suit your needs the best? Take a look at our list below and see which (if not all) you can (and should) work into your business.

1. Brand Overview

If your brand is going to have just one video – this is the one. The brand overview is extremely versatile and can be handcrafted to fit your needs exactly. When a potential client or customer comes across your brand overview it will never fail to show them who you are, what you do, and the value that your business has to offer. When placed on your company’s website or shared on your social platforms, it works as a 24/7 sales pitch at no added cost. People want to know your brand; they want their questions answered. We guarantee that an engaging and informative overview video will do just that and so much more

2. Client Stories 

You work with some amazing clients! When you highlight their individual experiences with your brand, it allows viewers to connect with your brand and build trust. When you take the time to show off those you do business with, they are more likely to do the same for you. On top of that, if you create shareable content you not only reach your own audience, but it is likely your client will share these stories with their audience as well. This will increase your brand’s awareness and show that you are a business that respects and return your loyalty to your clients. 

3. Testimonials

Positive reviews are a great way to generate sales and increase trust in your brand. However, some consumers or clients might question how genuine those reviews are and prefer direct recommendations before they do business with someone. Client testimonials are about as close as you can get to a direct recommendation. When you have videos of your past clients speaking positively about their experience working with you, it will highlight your brand from the people who know it best. Even better, the viewer won’t be left wondering if the source is credible and it will make it feel like a friend is recommending your business to them directly. 

4. Product Overviews

If your business offers a product or a service, a product overview video is a no brainer. These videos have the ability to answer all prospective customer’s frequently asked questions. What does it do? How does it look? How will it fit? Ultimately, these videos provide a demonstration of how your product or service will fit into the viewers everyday life. By giving the viewers all the answers they need, it will help push the client decision from awareness to consideration and hopefully to purchase. 

5. Recruitment Videos

When looking to fill an open position, you want your business to have the best talent of course. Recruitment videos can help you achieve that. There are most likely several open positions your dream candidate is considering, don’t allow your business to slip through the cracks. Candidates are going to wonder what working for you looks like and feels like. They’re going to want to hear from multiple employees what their experience has been like. Recruitment videos will highlight to job seekers what your company culture is like before they even have to ask. These insights will help to push the needle forward to get not just anyone to apply, but the best candidates. 

6. Training Videos

If your business has any sort of training process that is carried out regularly, utilizing training videos can save you an unbelievable amount of time and money. Training can take days away from your employees and isn’t always conducted properly. There are so many ways for training sessions to go wrong, costing you money and time only to end up with poorly trained employees. Videos, on the other hand, never falter. With video, you can record a training session to meet your standards and then use it for years after. In addition to that, the trainees will have a 24/7 resource to turn to when they have questions. The information will always be there, benefitting countless employees (which ultimately your business benefits from) for years to come. 

7. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

You’ve got a great team and a great way of getting things done. Show it off! People like to know who they’re working with and are more likely to give you their loyalty when a human connection is formed. It’s important to share content that provides insight into who you are, rather than just promoting your product or service. This will build trust as well as allow clients or customers to form a connection and get to know you. On top of that, behind-the-scenes videos have the ability to show potential clients what it looks like and how it feels to work with you. 

8. Event Videos

With event videos the party never ends! Every business event requires an immense amount of time and money to make it a success. Without video, the night comes and goes and you’re unable to benefit from it in the future. By recording highlights from the night, however, you’re able to use that footage over and over. It can serve as fun clips to add into social media posts or emails; showcasing your company culture and highlighting the faces of your employees. The footage can also be used to better promote any other events throughout the year. Overall, it’s a great way to show off all the hard work that goes into your company’s events and will keep your business at the front of people’s minds even when the event comes to an end. 

9. Explainer Videos

Animation videos are becoming increasingly popular. The majority of audiences prefer taking in information in a visually pleasing way, such as infographics. Explainer videos are a great way to get information across in a way that’s sure to keep the viewer engaged. These videos tend to be easier to create, as there is no filming involved. On top of that, since you have complete creative control, you can make the video fit your brand’s specific image.

10. Sales Pitches

Pitches tend to be anxiety inducing and you can never be sure that you’re going to get your point across every single time. Incorporating sales pitches into videos is a great way to ensure that. No matter how nervous you are there’s no chance you’ll skip over a topic or stutter in the middle of an important sentence. These sales pitches offer flexibility as they can be sent digitally or played in person with a client or customer.


There’s a variety of videos out there. When applied to your business, some will save you money, some will make your life easier, and some will generate awareness. But we can guarantee that all of the ones we’ve listed above will help your business become a success.

Are you interested in creating one of these videos for your business? We’d love to help! Reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 

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